Top 5 Best Invoice Templates to use for Business

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In order to run a successful business, proper maintenance of invoices is a vital task. An invoice is a bill that is provided to the customers, which includes the terms and conditions of a payment, billing duration as well as other necessary and useful information. Out of a range of varied templates, here we present you examples of 5 templates of the top-notch, which would help make your transactions easier. Each invoice designed follows a specific template with minimum changes in it.

Free Printable Invoice Templates

Free Invoice Templates, Simple Invoice Template

An invoice includes all of the following starting from title, dates, invoice number, your company information, customer’s information, products/service details, VAT and total amount. It is not at all a tedious task to write an invoice template. You would need to follow a few basic rules and- Bingo! Invoice is ready to Process. The seller and the customer’s information should be specified in the invoice along with all the necessary payment terms. The invoice number is also an integral part and should be mentioned on the invoice without fail.

Before shedding light into the best templates in existence, here is the standard format an invoice is designed with-

The first steps are to mention the correct contact information of where the invoice is supposed to be received. For clarity, you can opt to write the address in a number of lines.

Blank Invoice Template

blank invoice template word, blank invoice template excel

Inserting a business logo is also essential if your company has one. The business logo is inserted into the top section of the header. It would not only make your invoice catchy but also give it a professional touch.

Please ensure to enter the recipient’s information as well. The inclusion of an email address is highly preferred so that just in case if the invoice is misplaced, the details of its receipt or not receipt can be found out using the recipient’s email.

Free Invoice Template

free invoice template word, free invoice template download

The inclusion of invoice number is also very essential. The invoice number is written on the right side of the page, along with other details such as the invoice date, invoice due date, etc. in separate lines. The format is INVOICE NUMBER (invoice followed by the number), the numbering system is your own and you can choose it as per your choice.

Simple Invoice Template

simple invoice template word, simple invoice template free

Ensure to mention the due date of payment and the current date of payment separately on the invoice. The maximum time limit for an invoice to be due in 30-45 days.

Each of the payment terms needs to specifically mentioned in the invoice, be it the credit card, debit card or PayPal. In case you need to mention the late fee, please ensure to enter your local code, tax identification number as well.

Invoice Template PDF

free invoice template pdf, blank invoice template pdf

Different columns for services, date, quantity, and rate are created, followed by which the total is calculated.

Last but not the least, return policy and a thank you note to the customer can also be added to the standard invoice.

Any organization be it small or big, prefers the use of one or the other invoice templates. Here I bring you a few of the standard templates in use. These are stated below-

Invoice Template Word

invoice template word doc, invoice template word free

1> MS Word Invoice Template – This is an invoice template preferred by almost every organization. It is creative and trendy to look at and has a colorful design that can be used in MS Word too. The most interesting feature of this invoice is that you can edit and enter the tabs as per your suitability. This feature proves helpful while making payments, as each customer, might have a different choice or option to make the payment. This can be easily included in case of the MS Word invoice template.

Invoice Template Excel

free invoice template excel, simple invoice template excel

2> Excel Invoice Template- This has by far been one of the most influential of all invoices and the best in its own way. With the availability of various standard formats and a hands-on excel, you can create an amazing detailed invoice. Formulas and applications of rules help auto calculate figures. Availability of different color schemes, specifically six color schemes lets you customize and manage the invoice just the way you want it to be.

3> Money Invoice Template- This particular invoice is one of its kind and very beautifully designed. It can act as a motivation for you to make more money and hence the name. With multiple features inbuilt and a gorgeous template, besides 5 color variations, you can design your kind of invoice on any background of your choice. Not only this, you also get the option of auto-calculation using MS Word and MS Excel, saving your time in this case.

4> Professional Invoice Template- Just as the name suggests, this template helps give a professional touch to your invoice. With an attractive and catchy design, it gives a bold look to the invoice. The invoices can be designed using both A4 and US letter sizes. This invoice is 100 percent editable and contains a CYMK print ready file. A customized and standard invoice is just a few clicks away.

5> Fashion Invoice Template- This template is focussed to help the budding and new entrepreneurs. Designed with Adobe InDesign, it gives a professional outlook to the invoice. The benefit of using this template is that you can easily get access to all the free icons and fonts and design an invoice that would serve the purpose it was initially brought to action for.

Service Invoice Template

service invoice template free, sample invoice for services

There are several other templates like corporate invoice template, simple invoice template and much more, available in the market and on the internet, which one can use as per his suitability. However, the templates mentioned above cover almost all the requirements of an invoice. Try for yourself and run your business and carry out all your sales transactions without any difficulty with the templates we provided in this article. Your invoice is the face of your business and can help your business flourish only when it stands out from the others in the market. Choose an invoice, customize it with the range of options and rule the market.

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