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Maintaining the daily attendance of employees in an organization can be a tedious task if not done properly. The daily attendance sheet keeps a track of all the employees present on a working day. On the basis of attendance sheet, the monthly or weekly wages of an employee is decided and paid. In the previous times, attendance used to be taken manually, and discrepancies and errors used to be there, and it is pretty obvious. After all, we are humans and we do make mistakes, none is to be blamed for the same.

Employee Attendance Sheet

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With the changing times, the trend or the way of maintaining attendance have also changed, and it was necessary as well. Depending on the size of the organization, the manpower also differs. If it is a small organization, a manual attendance sheet is fruitful. However, in cases of large organizations like IBM, TCS, etc. it would really be a pain to maintain a manual attendance and keep a track of each via manual attendance.

Employee Attendance Tracker

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Keeping in mind this situation, various online software’s and tools have been introduced to help maintain attendance. Each software has a wide variety of features and to be apt in using those, training is essential. With too many of them in the market, things at times get complicated and hence we decided to make the best pick out of all of those.

Out of thorough research, the best and the most suitable way of maintaining attendance is via an “Excel Sheet”. Due to the availability of different features in an excel sheet, editing, deleting and updating the sheet is a matter of a few minutes. You can store a soft copy and if needed even download or print a hard copy of the same.

Attendance Sheet in Excel

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There are different versions of the attendance excel sheet and here we are talking about the “Attendance Excel Sheet 2018.” This sheet would help maintain the daily records of an employee, on the basis of which his daily wages, incentives, and the bonus are decided. Certain companies provide lucrative bonuses on the basis of percentage of attendance in the form of goodies or cash value to boost the morale of an employee and extract maximum productivity from the person.

The Excel Sheet for attendance has templates which are designed specifically to fulfill the purpose of the same. You can even add or customize the templates as per the need of the company. Uploading the attendance sheet online onto your company’s specific portal would provide an access to the higher management to view attendance or track information of an employee they are in need of. The updated attendance also helps the payrolling team to prepare the monthly and the weekly wages, salaries and paychecks for employees in time.

Attendance Sheet Template

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Out of a wide range of templates available on the internet, almost all are paid. However, MS Excel Sheet comes for free or integrated into a package with the Microsoft Office (whichever version you are using). You can easily download the Excel Sheet for Attendance 2018 from one of the trusted sources and reliable websites on the internet and avail its benefits.

With the attendance sheet, side by side, you can also track and maintain the monthly performances of an employee, based on which his appraisals would be done. Certain pre-defined codes are there to be marked for absenteeism or approved leaves and so on.

Attendance Sheet Format

employee attendance sheet format in excel, employee attendance sheet format in excel

An attendance sheet for an organization has the following format, which can be designed and customized as per the need arises.

<Insert Company Logo in the background>

<Insert Company name>

<Insert Department Name or Number>

Employee’s attendance sheet for the month of: <Insert Month>

<Insert Employee Name> <Insert Days of the Week in each column> <Total days>

At the bottom, you would space for the mentor’s or approver’s signature and Date section, for the date to be included.

This is one of the easiest, cheap and general format of an attendance sheet. This can be further divided into months and days of the week, and remarks section can be added as well if anything specific needs to be mentioned about that employee on a day of the week or month to make the review process easier and user-friendly.

Excel Employee Schedule Template

excel employee shift schedule template, weekly employee shift schedule template excel

Using the Excel sheet, you can save a considerable amount of storage space and the data would be well maintained. You can easily upload the attendance sheet to the google drive and activate the “share” button for concerned persons to access, you can upload it to the cloud or to the official server of the company as an online and easily available record for those who need to review it.

In any organization, there are diverse types of leaves and each one of them is provided with a specific code to be indicated-

Sick Leave (SL)

Earned Leave or Paid Leaves (EL or PL)

Leave Without Pay (LOP)

Absent (A)

Casual Leave (CL)

Maternity Leave (ML)

These codes and their descriptions can be mentioned on the attendance excel sheet and be implemented and updated accordingly. Being easily accessible and already sorted into a format, there is no tiresome work involved in updating the sheet or calculating the working days, pay out and stuff, as Excel sheet provides the scope to utilize a wide range of formulas and short-cuts to carry out the same.

Attendance Spreadsheet

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The attendance and leave portal are viewable to the employees as well, however, the only option that the employees can use and access is the option to apply leaves. The attendance update and approval authority remain with his respective supervisor or mentor assigned to carry out this task.

There are a couple of benefits of using an Excel Attendance Sheet 2018:

  • Saves time.
  • Saves storage space.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Can be updated easily.
  • Records can be edited and deleted as per need.
  • Can be used online and shared as well.
  • Can be downloaded easily and is available too.

The disadvantages of using this sheet are:

  • Manual updates lost its importance.
  • Internet connection or Wi-fi is required for online access.
  • Training is required.

The scale of advantage is heavier than the other and hence I believe the practice of using this sort of Excel Attendance Sheet should be implemented in every organization.

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