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A fax is an important mode of communication, be it a business, in schools or colleges, or in terms of an employment. Faxes are send over to employment organizations and educational institutions for the purpose of background verification. A particular cover letter or cover sheet is prepared before sending out the fax to the third party for verification purposes or any other reasons the fax is intended for. There are a certain number of paid versions of templates available to be faxed over, however, here would emphasise on the free, downloadable and printable versions of the fax cover sheet.

Fax Cover Sheet Template

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The fax cover sheet is prepared as such that it conveys the required information to the receiver. Incorrect and too much of extra information on the sheet might confuse the user. The fax cover sheet content should be short, crisp and to the point. A two to three liner message on the cover sheet is enough to relay the message or query and receive the desirable results.

Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet

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Different fax cover sheets are designed in different manner as per the requirement. You can easily edit and customize a fax cover sheet to make it look more comprehensive and appealing. Addition of your company logo in case of business faxes is not a bad deal either, after all, it somewhere serves as a promotional tool as well.

In general, a fax cover sheet would contain the name of the sender and the receiver, the date the fax is being sent, the fax numbers of both the parties, a suitable subject line that clears the intention for the fax being send over, number of pages enclosed in certain case, company logo, confidential information in some cases and also the fax message enclosed for fax cover sheets with a single page in it.

Blank Fax Cover Sheet

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Fax cover sheets are of different forms- Academic fax cover sheet, employment fax cover sheet, professional fax cover sheet, technical fax cover, basic fax cover and even covers with different borders in it.

Below is a standard sample of a fax cover sheet that can be used for almost all purpose:

<Company logo, if wanted>

<Your company name>

<Address, zip and other details>

<Contact number>

<Fax number>

<Website for reference>


<Receivers information>                                  <Sender’s information>

<Fax number, phone number>                           <Number of pages>

<Reference>                                                   <Date and Cc>

You can include a note if required and mention what the fax is all about. This is a general format of how a fax cover looks like.

Sample Fax Cover Sheet

confidential fax cover sheet, basic fax cover sheet

There are various other formats that can be used in terms of a fax cover sheet. Background verifications for newly hired employees are also at times done via this same mode. Here in the sheet, details about the hire date, termination date or end date, position held in previous company, code of conduct etc. are included in the query list and a response is asked for. Data provided by the candidate and the one received as a response to the fax is matched to look for any discrepancies and it is decided if we passes or fails the background check and if he is eligible to be hired. Similar is the case for education verification.

Fax Cover Letter Sample

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An example of an employment verification cover sheet sample is:

<Company logo, if wanted>

<Your company name>

<Address, zip and other details>

<Contact number>

<Fax number>

<Website for reference>


<Receivers information>                                  <Sender’s information>

<Fax number, phone number>                           <Number of pages>

<Reference>                                                   <Date and Cc>



My name is XYZ, and I am the verification specialist from ABC Company. Mr LMN has been offered the position of a specialist in our organization, and in regards to that, we are trying to verify his previous employments for background verification. Having said that, could you please help us with the following information about Mr. LMN-

Start date in the company:

End date in the company:

Position held in the company:

Name of verifying person:

Designation held in the company:

Your cooperation and kindness in the matter is highly appreciated. We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


Fax Cover Sheet Example

professional fax cover sheet example, business fax cover sheet example

A signature is essential in any cover letter along with the message to ensure authenticity. If the information requested for is confidential, please ensure to mention the same on the fax cover sheet to inform the other party and be sure of that there would not be any cases of a potential breach or leakage of sensitive information, that can somewhere put a dent on the reputation of the company or individual about whom the information is requested or the request or and vice-versa.

People prefer using this mode of conveying information because-

>It is reliable.

> It is convenient and fast.

> Saves time.

> Cost effective.

> Easy to use.

The basic disadvantage of using this mode of communication is the risk of leakage of information that might be of sensitive nature.

There are dozens of fax cover sheets available online and you can download, edit and use one as per your suitability. Go ahead and download one and give that elegant look to the facsimiles that you sent out to your client and get praised for the same.

On a look at this page, you would find two standard formats, a general and one for the employment version. A change in a few areas and you can use these samples easily. I have avoided using random samples on this page as that only increases the confusion all the more. A standard, precise and crisp format is all you need to leave that mark and get your works done at an early and easier note. You can even copy paste the general format and edit it as per your requirement and create a fax cover sheet of your own with your touch in it. After all, what better than giving anything your own look and feel? Be it elegance, or professionalism, the general format would cover it all in one go, and trust me on this, when I say it, fax cover sheets that you create on your own are magical and wondrous than those paid versions out there.

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