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You cannot stay alive if your heart stops beating, right? Similarly, business letters serve to be the heart and soul of a business. A correct business letter can help your business soar skies while a wrong one can doom your fate. An appropriate and very professional way of writing is required when you draft a business letter. You cannot casually go about writing a business letter, in the same way, you write to a friend.

Business Letter Samples

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A series of business letter formats are available online for your ease but what is important is for you to know, which letter is supposed to be used when and it falls under which category. A sales letter cannot be used in place of a complaint or follow up the letter and vice versa.

While you are running a business, day in and day out, you receive numerous letters and each letter sent out to you has a specific intent, and you cannot afford to mix up one with the other. Doing so, you might lose your credibility and suffer a huge loss as well. Each business letter format is designed keeping in mind the nature and the purpose of the letter.

Business Letter Template

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Are you unsure of how to write a business letter which is bang on? The worries are over now. Here in this page, you would find a one-stop solution and a specific and to the point format of a business letter that can be used for multiple purposes with a meager change here and there on the format. It would be easy to use and devoid of any fantasy world. Speaking otherwise, a business letter is a documented letter for professional communication purposes. Recommendation letter, cover letter, resignation letter all fall under the category of business letters. A formal model of communication is implemented here.

Business Letter Sample PDF

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Business letters are available in docs and PDF version and can be easily downloaded as a soft copy or printed as a hard copy. You can even customize these letters as per the need and create the perfect letter needed by your business to flourish. There are several types of business letters and they are-

Business Letter Formats

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  • Sales Letters
  • Order Letters
  • Complaint Letters
  • Follow up Letters
  • Adjustment Letters
  • Inquiry Letters
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Cover Letter
  • Leave Letters
  • Request Letters
  • Resignation Letters

Each of these letters has a format that justifies their names.

A standard template of a business letter is as under-

<Insert return address>

<Insert Date>

<Insert Recipient Address>

<Insert Attention line (optional)>

<Insert Salutation>

<Insert Subject line if any>

<Body of the letter>

The body of the letter can be distinguished into paragraphs for ease. The first paragraph can suggest the purpose of the writing the letter. The intention of the letter should be clear and crisp, and you should not be beating about the bush here.

The second paragraph should mention the basic facts and figures and provide with the necessary background and an in-depth analysis of the information intended to be presented to the recipient. Do not write an essay but do not skip a necessary detail as well.

Business Letter Writing

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The third paragraph is the concluding section, where you can summarise all the information you mentioned in the second paragraph, suggest an action plan, request an information or present your qualification. Ensure not to exaggerate.

<Provide a complimentary closing>

<Insert Signature>

<Insert your name>

This is one of the most standard templates of a business letter and can be used as an all-purpose letter for communicating business related information.

Business letters are also used as a “thank you” letter after an employee resigns. He/she can write one thanking the employer for all the opportunities provided during the tenure and express his gratitude towards all.

Please find an example of one such letter here for your reference-


P.O. Box 1234;




Section Head of Infection Control.

P.O. Box 0608. BC Health Science Center,





Thank you for the interview, I have used all the

information you have given to me for my handout.

Thanks for the information about cleanliness and

hygiene and explaining as to how it is so important.


I would love to learn and enlighten myself with more

of this, if you are available for another interview.





Business Letter Example for Students

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To be able to write a perfect business letter, there are certain tips that one can rely upon-

  • Proofread the letter written.
  • Use spell checks to locate any spelling errors.
  • Print out a copy and re-read to ensure everything is included in the letter.
  • Check formatting and punctuation errors.
  • Ensure to remove extra spaces and unnecessary line breaks in the sentences.
  • Your signature is your identity. Never forget to sign in the signature section.
  • Avoid using fancy colors and use only blue or black ink, if required.
  • Ensure to double- check the address and contact details of the receiver.
  • If the information is confidential, ensure to state that prior to releasing the letter for delivery.
  • Font size should be between 10-12 pts.
  • Use a professional font for writing like Arial Black, Times New Roman.
  • Do not use colored paper for writing purposes.
  • Do not use technical jargons that might be difficult to understand, not all have the same level of understanding, write as you are writing for a layman.
  • Avoid usage of capital letters as that might sound outrageously rude.

A business letter which is well formatted gives you a professional feel. It makes the receiver feel that the sender has indeed invested time to carefully craft the contents of the letter and would invest time to read the letter for once.

A poorly formatted letter simply means you do not have any knowledge of the business practices and the letter would be treated as an informal variant. To ensure that you have created the best impression on the client, for once, follow the tips on this page and take help of the format above to create an excellent and error-free business letter.

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