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A recommendation letter plays a wide role in your employment. In today’s time, when every other household has a B. Tech, MBA sitting, the chances to get an excellent job is meager. This is where the recommendation letter works as a savior. With a recommendation letter and a reference handy, your chances of getting selected among a pool of candidates are at least increased by a certain percentage and that relieves the stress building up on you.

Recommendation Letter Template

recommendation letter template for student, recommendation letter template word

Reference/Recommendation letter is a letter provided by a higher authority or a person at a certain decent position in the job market to the newbies or to the already working employees on request for being able to grab a better opportunity coming their way.

One can prepare a recommendation letter manually as well. But at times, due to workload and due to the person being busy, it becomes difficult for them to provide you with a letter by manually preparing it. In this case, if there are pre-designed letters of a specific format, that is required for the purpose, all he would need to do is just put his signature and details on the letter and Bingo! A job was done!

Recommendation Letter Samples

recommendation letter samples for students, recommendation letter samples for college

Recommendation letters are available both in paid and free versions for download. Premium reference letters charge a minimal amount and provide you with the option of customizing the letter, and lets you insert your company’s logo on the same. The burden of re-typing the letter on the company’s letter pad is saved here. For free downloadable versions, you would find many which are smart enough to leave extra blank space at the top of the letter, for you to be able to type and insert the company information as well as your details there.

Recommendation Letter From Employer

recommendation letter from employer sample, recommendation letter from employer for graduate school

Recommendation letters are available in docs and PDF format and you can easily download or even print it out for use. All you would need to take care is that you fill out the details in the recommendation letter correctly, customise it as per the need and carry a copy of it to get it signed by the concerned person.

Recommendation Letter Sample For Student

sample letter of recommendation for high school student, recommendation letter for university

Recommendation letters are not only used for employment but also for admission purposes or at the Government organizations to speed up the process of obtaining information or for an important but pending case file to be pushed ahead in the queue.

Presenting a sample recommendation letter for reference:

<Today’s Date>

<Employer Details for which the recommendation is directed to>

Dear Selection Team,

<Body of the letter>

The body of the letter encloses the name of the person who is being recommended and details of as to why he has been recommended. It highlights his skills, potentials.

Personal Letter of Recommendation

personal letter of recommendation sample, personal letter of recommendation for college

It ensures that the candidate stands out from the rest. The language used here would depict the person to be a born leader and one of the perfect match for the position he is being interviewed for.


<Name of the Recommender>

<Details, Designation, and Signature of the Recommender>

With this letter, the prospective employee can easily woo the employers and direct their attention towards him, thus landing him with a decent job. Of course, a recommendation is not enough, the person must have the skill set and desirable knowledge to be able to sustain the pressure and at least keep up the words written in the recommendation letter. After all, a recommendation is a belief that an authority shows on the candidate and it is your moral responsibility somewhere to not let the person down.

Recommendation Letter For Graduation School

recommendation letter for graduate school from employer, recommendation letter for graduate school sample

A recommendation letter can be provided even on a personal level for an acquaintance and in today’s time, this is a common phenomenon that we observe.

Here is a list of tips that one can follow to write a successful recommendation letter for the employer to use or to which an employee can depend on while searching for a relevant letter there on the websites to be put to use-

  • Name the referee or the person for whom the letter is intended for.
  • In the next paragraph, try and list all the qualifications of the candidate and all the strong points that make him a perfect match for this position and reflects him as a strong contender for the same.
  • In the third paragraph, try and summarize the positive points mentioned in the earlier paragraph and shed light on the personality of the employee- him being enthusiastic, hardworking, polite, disciplined, goal setter and so on and so forth.
  • The closing line along with your details and designation.

Recommendation Letter For a Friend

letter of recommendation for a friend and colleague, how to write a personal reference letter

There are a series of personal recommendation letters as well. These letters help students gain internships, admissions in colleges, etc. Personal recommendation letters are a character certificate and attest the positive attributes in your personality that can make you different from the rest and help you acquire the internship.

Recommendation letters are available for free on different websites and are equally important. Wondering why?

  • It offers insight into your experiences.
  • It highlights your positive traits.
  • It provides an overview of your application and resume.
  • It helps employers sort through potential applicants and save the time and hassle of going through a pool of interviews and applications.
  • It creates an impression about the candidate in someone else’s point of view.
  • You need not worry much to invest in that person.
  • With a recommendation, the employer might be willing to take a risk and hire the prospective candidate.
  • The letter also highlights your weaknesses in a positive manner.

Recommendations can be good and bad. A good recommendation when in one hand can land you with a job, a bad one can create a horrible impression. So, it is of utmost importance to be too careful while selecting a format for the recommendation and in fact select the right one that suits your profile. Choosing a letter that involves too much praise in it might backfire and you might lose a wonderful opportunity. Before selecting and downloading a sample, I urge all to go through the sample and tips mentioned on this page for selecting the perfect recommendation letter. Good Luck Folks!

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