Thank You Letter For Donation Of Money

Hellow and welcome to our post Today we are going to discuss a very good Topic that is Thank You Letter For Donation Of Money with all its merit and how to write it. Every one knows that Appreciation is the Very important part of any dealing or any meeting especially when it comes to Thank […]

Employee Of The Month Certificate

Hello!! Everyone and Welcome to our post Today we are going to discuss with a very interesting Topic that is very popular for company as it is done to motivate the employees for that purpose they provide An Employee Of The Month Certificate to their best employee for the month. The Certificate is given a […]

Free May & June 2018 Blank Calendar Templates

May is the fifth and June is the sixth month of the year and May is the 3rd month which contains 31 days in a month and June is the 2nd month of the year which have 30 days in a month. May is derived from the Latin word “Maius menis”, from the Greek “Maia”, […]

May & June 2018 Printable Calendar [PDF, Word, Excel]

May and June is the month mostly awaited by the peoples which is knows for “vacations”. The word vacation creates a intense sight of relief, pleasure and thriller in the mind of the people. This is one of the uses of these calendars as you don’t get any other much holidays in the month of […]

Free Printable Daily Planner For 2018

We all want something desirable in our life but everyone does not get it. The question arises here why every people do not get success in his life if they are on the same platform. I want to give an example of students of the same class. Every student wakes up early in the morning […]

Free Recommendation Letter Download

A recommendation letter is a formal letter which includes your all information of success, promotion, education, results, awards strength and capabilities, your all positive activities or qualities which are written on your recommendation letter. It is also known as the referral letter or the reference letter. Free Recommendation Letter Template Recommendation letters are important because […]

Attendance Sheet for Employees Excel 2018

Attendance sheet for employees is something where the present or absent of employees of any company or institute are recorded in Ms excel on a regular basis. The attendance sheet contains the date, time, name, department of works with the present and absent column. Attendance sheet also helps to know a basic view of employees […]

Top 5 Best Invoice Templates to use for Business

An invoice is simply a document which is used commercially and get prepared by the vendor or by the service provider which is used as a proof that the payment has been done or completed or pending for the particular product or service to the customer. The invoices are working as a great tool in […]

Printable Weekly Calendar 2018

It really sometime becomes very difficult to manage everything specially when we are trying to manage our home , work , family or even the personal life. We all are very busy and chaotic in our lives but with using correct tools and ways we can manage each and everything correctly and orderly without even […]

Employee Verification Letter Template

The employment verification letter or the VOE has been used in the banks and mortgage in the United States by the lenders of the banks and mortgage. This is done in order to see the people working in various places and organisations that they are fit for the job according to their salary and stability […]