July & August & September 2018 Printable Calendar [PDF, Word, Excel]

Calendar is the basic priority of everyone and for any kind of work we need calendar in our day to day life. Calendar help us in getting information of coming dates, days, holidays, festival and much more. So, keeping the importance of calendar in mind we are here going to provide you the best format calendar of months July, August and September for the year 2018 in different formats, color, design and template.

July & August & September 2018 Printable Calendar, July 2018 Calendar

July Calendar 2018

July Calendar 2018, July 2018 Printable Calendar

The name July was given by the Roman Senate to provide honor in favor of general of Rome Julius Caesar because this is the birth month of him. This period is known as the traditional period and the month is known as “Fence Month” which is also known as the close season for the Deer of England. During the last day of July i.e, on 31st July the England’s high court trinity ends. As compared to other months July has more working days and less holidays, there are lots of events which take place in this month and being celebrated in whole world like as of Parent’s Day, Doctor’s Day, National Dance day, Engineer Day etc in different countries like Canada, US, Singapore.

August Calendar 2018

August Calendar 2018, August 2018 Printable Calendar

August is at the eighth place in the Julian and Gregorian calendar with the day span of 31 days. The name August is given after Sexitillis in Latin, August is almost equivalent to the season of February in the southern hemisphere according to Northern Hemisphere. For all workers in Europe August is known as the month of holiday. The people who born in the month of August are known as the Sardonyx, spinel and peridot, the birth flower is meant as beauty, family and love marriage. As August is one of the beautiful month with a wonderful weather you will definitely love it and the best part of this month is that it brings up various festivals with itself and lots of holidays.

There are lots of events and interesting things which fall in this month of August like as of the National Science Day in Australia, the Food day in Canada and Rakshabandhan in India. Here in this printable calendar you will get the complete list of holidays and festivals going to fall in this month with different formats and prints which looks very beautiful.

September Calendar 2018

September Calendar 2018, September Calendar 2018 Editable

The Ninth month of Indian calendar is September which is one of the beautiful month with different functions and holidays. Those who are waiting to take some rest or wants a holiday for them this month is really wonderful as they will get some time for rest. This period of September brings up the pleasant weather with the mixture of alternative warm and cold days making it more romantic and enjoyable. There are different special days going to fall like Teacher’s day and many more. We will here provide you the printable calendar of September 2018 with lots of different templates and beautiful designs.

July & August & September 2018 Calendar, July & August & September 2018 Holiday Calendar


So, in this article we are here going to provide you best formats of calendar with best colors and texture which will definitely prove helpful for you in many ways like in these calendars you can mark any important thing, make notes or can also prepare a proper schedule which will help you in planning your day and completing work on correct time.

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