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A recommendation letter is a formal letter which includes your all information of success, promotion, education, results, awards strength and capabilities, your all positive activities or qualities which are written on your recommendation letter. It is also known as the referral letter or the reference letter.

Free Recommendation Letter Template

Free Recommendation Letter Template 2018, Recommendation Letter Download

Recommendation letters are important because it has your positive qualities that give a great impression about your personal qualities and other information about you on the interviewer. Recommendation letter also increases the percentage of your selection.

Types of recommendation letter

Mainly there are two types of recommendation letter :

  • Academic letter
  • Employment letter

Recommendation Letter From Employer

Sample Reference Letter Download, recommendation letter from employer for scholarship

Employment letter is very useful in finding a job and if you have great experience of writing employment letter you can help the others who need it. It not only help in finding a job, it also helps in getting the promotion in your job. Employment letter gives a brief overview of your previous job experience, your performance, quality, reward, success, strength, and capabilities that you have gained in your life. The employers generally ask for writing the recommendation letter for the promotion in your job.

Recommendation Letter Samples

Recommendation Letter Sample Download, recommendation letter samples for students

If you are going to find the job with help of recommendation letter then it will increase your chances of approval. Recommendation letter has different rules of writing it and which completely focuses on your positive qualities. As good recommendation letter increases the chances of acceptance meanwhile the bad recommendation letter decreases your chances of acceptance so, you need to take care that the recommendation letter you have carried is written in a good manner and it includes your all positive attribute and achievements of life.

Recommendation Letter Sample for Student

 sample letter of recommendation for high school student, letter of recommendation for high school student from teacher

Academic letter

We write an academic letter for the various manners like college recommendation letters, graduate recommendation letters, for scholarship, special school program, postgraduate recommendation letters, letter for teachers and many more types which comes under the types of the academic calendar and it focuses on the student’s skills and talent qualification and their achievements. It will also include the student’s coursework. It gives you the positive impact of students in their academic career. The academic calendar is very useful for the job or internship where it gives the brief overview of the knowledge and experience of the applicant.

It gives a highlight on the goals of student character, result and academic history. Generally, the academic recommendation letter is signed by the authority of school and college that gives the verification of your recommendation letter. If you want to get a higher position then surely you need more than one recommendation letter so, keep it in your mind and take more than one recommendation letter for yourself.

Personal Letter of Recommendation

personal letter of recommendation format, personal letter of recommendation examples

The recommendation has basically three parts that are introduction, body, and conclusion. These are the important things which should be written in the letter and it will give a positive impact on the employer. Let us get the brief intro about these parts –


In introduction parts, a brief intro about the recommender should be included which has general information. The position of the recommender and the relationship between recommender and applicant should also be mentioned. Do not forget to give the introduction of the applicant. Do not try to write so many things that confuse the personality of the applicant so, write the only overview of the general introduction of the applicant.


Body is the main parts of any letter, all of the information is written underbody part only. In the recommendation letter the body parts are fully filled by the quality, responsibility, results, experience goals, education strength, capabilities etc all these things should be written in the body of the recommendation letter. You can also write the experience of the applicant and examples that how the experience and the quality observed by you. Do not write lengthy things just keep it short and simple with a point to point description. You can write 2 to 3 paragraph of quality experience and positive things about the applicant. Do not try to write negative things about the applicant. Be honest while writing the recommendation letter.


Give the brief conclusion about the good and positive attribute of the applicant. Write the appropriate comments and compliments which are suitable for him. Write the letter in such a way that reader gets more curious to know about the more information about the applicant and like every letter, the signature is compulsory in this letter. So give the signature of yourself in the letter as well as the signature of the applicant.

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School

recommendation letter for graduate school from professor, sample recommendation letter for graduate school from professor

Tips for writing a recommendation letter

1 . When you are in need of the recommendation letter than for this ask to that person who is the good wishes of yours and who knows you completely. Only they can write your positive attitude in the letter because they know your good as well as bad qualities.

2 . Go to that person who is very honest and gives the positive things on your letter and if the person wants a simple inquiry about yourself for writing a letter, then reply it very seriously and honestly so, he can write the good letter for you.

3 . The resume letter can also help in writing the recommendation letter because it has a brief overview of your experience, knowledge, education, and qualification. So it gives the great help in writing the recommendation letter.

4 . The letter should be written in certain format only so, it will be acceptable by the applicant.

The recommendation letter is very important to your success because it includes your all positive quality that increases the percentage of acceptance in the job.

5 . If you are recommending someone to write a letter to you then check the quality, experience, rating of the person so, you can get the best letter for you.

6 . Do not write a too small letter, it will get the negative effect in the mind of the employer.

7 . Try to give all the information about yourself in the letter.

8 . Don’t forget to give the signature of yourself in the letter. It is also a mandatory part of the letter.

personal recommendation letter for a friend, personal recommendation letter for college

From above information, you get full knowledge of the recommendation letter and the importance, types, and tips of writing the letter. By any chance if you do not get anyone for writing your letter then you can download the one for you or there are also such cases in which you have got the person who can write a letter for you but they charged a lot for writing the one for you. It can’t be said that they will write perfect letter for you or not after paying also. So, we are here to provide you a recommendation letter. We give you the letter in a good format that can impress the employer in a minutes only. You can get it without any charge. Yes, the things that are very important in your life, the things that are important for acceptance in your success is not costly, as you are getting it free from our site.

As you can not write the one by yourself, after all, you need the signature of the recommender or may be possible that the recommender does not have full knowledge how to write it, for solving your this problem we are providing you the online downloadable formats of recommendation letter which are totally free of cost. In case you find difficulties in downloading it or any problems towards it you can contact us. We are always ready to help you and try to solve your query.

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