Top 5 Best Invoice Templates to use for Business

An invoice is simply a document which is used commercially and get prepared by the vendor or by the service provider which is used as a proof that the payment has been done or completed or pending for the particular product or service to the customer. The invoices are working as a great tool in scheduling up the proper and timely payment by the customer to the service provider or vendor. Are you a freelancer or owner of any small business then you might be aware of invoices and also knows the importance of invoice very well.

If you won’t provide the invoice to your client then it becomes difficult to get paid or having any proof of payment whether done or not. It is really very lengthy and time consuming , the process of invoice so for your convenience there are several easy and simple invoice templates available for you which can be used easily and comfortably. So , today for your use we are going to introduce 5 best and free options of invoice templates which you can use and save a lot of your time.

Free Printable Invoice Templates

1 . Vertex 42’s excel invoice template ( specially for the Excel lovers )

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This option of Excel template has been suggested by Cnet from the Vertex 42. This template is fast , straight forward and can be downloaded easily in two different options of style. As I can say that online templates are too good as you just need to download them and now a days there are lots of options available online for these templates. If you are a hard core excel lover then this one will be the good choice for you. You can easily and comfortably use this template.

Free Invoice Template Excel

 invoice template excel, simple invoice template excel

This template is very simple to use and download. If you are in urgent need of an invoice and have to get one early then it will be a good option for you as this will not ask any questions to you and you do not need to go through any registration process so keeping your urgent need in mind this template will be the best option for you. It is basically the site’s homepage , other then being used immediately it is also a boast to try minimalist design for this template. But , if you need to go through any in depth customization then it will not be helpful to you or we can it will not a right option.

You are only allowed to have your invoice in the format of PDF only at the first time so keep it with you later you will not get it again. It is a good option if you need any invoice in the case of emergency so you can use this option at the last time when you forget to create any invoice for your client at that moment you can create one with help of this template.

Invoice template Word Printable

 invoice template word doc, invoice template word document

Invoice at once is another online template which is available for users in the PDF format and also provides the option of direct mail. If you are friendly with the layout of user or it is important for you to create a layout which is user friendly then it will be a good start on this Template. Even you can select up the option of custom colors , fonts or choose the desired place for your logo if you wanted to personalize your invoice. You will also see that there are different and huge number of currency symbols which are available and can be accessed for all over the world which can also be serve as a good option for you. So , if you desires to make a personalized invoice by spending a little time on it and just wanted to use fast way for your invoice then this template will be the best one to choose for you.

Free Printable Blank Invoice Template

invoice template pdf, blank invoice template pdf

Paydirt is also an other site which provides you the free invoice template with an addition of pay to use and time tracking app with in it. The best thing of this template which makes it unique from others is that you are also eligible to connect it to your PayPal account which will provide an easier access to your clients when they pay you the amount. Either there is nothing more special with this template but if your main priority is to connect your invoice with your PayPal account then it will be a good choice for you.

Free Simple Invoice Template

blank invoice template, blank invoice template excel

There is nothing special or much with this invoice. It is just good one for those who are trying it first time or just wanted to create an invoice for their practice you can say it is a good option for having a test drive of invoice. So , if for the first time you are going to create invoice for your brand then it will be very useful for you in such case as you needs to go through different dialogue boxes for creating the each and every small section of your invoice which will explain you every step why and what we are doing in it and what should be entered. You can also include the logo of your business with in this invoice and can even customize up different aspects for the templates also. Although it is very ordinary and simple template for invoice.


So , these all above mentioned were the 5 best templates of invoice available online which can be used by you according to you and need of the circumstances. You can simply create your own invoice without even going through the long procedures and spending money over them. The best part of these online invoice templates is that they are absolutely free of cost and saves a lot of your time. If you face any kind of problem then you can contact us we will happy to help you and try to serve you better and much better.

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